Remember the days of the Big 32 when all class “A” and “AA” teams were in just one classification? Well during three of those six years; Libby in 66, Wolf Point in 68, and Laurel in 69, Class “A” teams won it all. That is probably why “AA” schools no longer want to have that format again. Well, 2020 would be a great season to bring that format back. Think about Missoula Hellgate going up against Hardin? Or how would the Lady Rams of Billings Central in the “AA” tournament? So today I rank the top high school BB teams in the state regardless of classification.


  1. Missoula Hellgate
  2. Missoula Sentinel
  3. Hardin
  4. Billings West
  5. Helena Capital


  1. Billings Central
  2. Missoula Hellgate
  3. Billings West
  4. Havre
  5. Missoula Sentinel