No question what Kelly and Rick Reed put together was one very classy all-star event! But in the end, this Montana – North Dakota All-Star football game was just not that competitive any more! Here are the numbers: Montana won 20 of the 26 games, including the past 5 and 8 of the last 9, plus during the last four Montana outscored the best from North Dakota 197-28! The average game scored over the past 26 years; Montana 36, N.D. 16! The big question was Montana playing against the very best from North Dakota? Were the famed Bison of N.D. State letting there N.D. players play in the game? As the president of the Midland Roundtable, I’m concerned about the future of our Montana – Wyoming All-Star Series. The Montana girls have won the last 7 and lead in that series 33-13. The boys series is even more lop-sided with Montana winning the last 16 and leading in that event 61-27! The bottom line…is it our fault that our athletes are so good!