My number one pick goes to Bozeman R.B. Asher Croy.  Wow, in Butte in a 49-28 win….Mr. Croy rushed for 333 yards and 3 T.D.’s!

#2:  Jordan Q.B. Keenan Murnion.  All Keenan did during that 70-14 win over Wibaux was throw for 8 T.D’s!

#3:  Fairview Q.B. Alex Schriver:  In a 7-6 victory over Clark Fork, Alex was in on 8 T.D.’s.  He threw for 5, ran for 2 and had a pick 6!

#4:   Carson Hunter of Miles City.  In that huge win over Laurel Carson threw for 3 and ran for 2!